Thursday, February 15, 2018

Music Review (Updated) - 2018

To make music reviews more noticeable and easy to navigate each review, thought will classify each review as follows based on the rating in my blog
BA - less than 7 (Below Average Album)
A - less than 8 (Average Album)
AA - less than 9 (Above Average Album)
E - 9 and above (Excellent Album)

Music Review (Tamil): Kaali

Music Review (Tamil): Kaali
Music Composer: Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony has the knack of surprising listeners with the unexpected sweeping melody and Arumbey falls in that zone as similar to Nenjorathil from Pichaikkaran. Nivas and Janani Iyer owns this Hamsanadam based gorgeous tune. Composer adorns the tune with beautiful violin solos and Santoor strains effectively. Amma Azhugiren is the typical song which Vijay Antony reserves for melancholy regarding Amma's love and the generic tune doesn't help the song. The arrangements are relatively better with the haunting grey shades in an otherwise pretty average tune and lyrics. Nivas mangles the Tamil diction considerably, especially while rendering the title.

Noorai Yugam is another gorgeous melody with an upbeat techno rhythm peppered profusely with gorgeous violin solos. The tune is enjoyable till it lasts while Vedala Hemachandra and Sangeetha Rajeshwaran ably manage to make it listenable despite the monotonous feel of the overall soundscape.Poraayo is another melancholy which fails to register with the listeners and the soundscape remains predominantly string based one peppered with haunting flute solos. The tune falters behind while Deepak saves the song with his earnest rendition.

Verdict: Vijay Antony scores easily in Kaali with the gorgeous melodies Arumbey and Noorai Yugam.

My Rating: 7/10
Pick of the Album: Arumbey, Noorai Yugam

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Music Review (Malayalam): Aami

Music Review (Malayalam): Aami
Music Composer: M Jayachandran and  Taufiq Qureshi

Neermathalapoo's dulcet melody gains lot from the lead singer's effectual rendition and Shreya Goshal owns the song completely. M Jayachandran throws in wonderful pleasant typical Malayalam soundcape with occassional Bengali folk elements sung by Arnab Dutta. Shreya Goshal's singing takes Pranayamayi Radha to much higher level and the composer throws in beautiful Naveen's flute and spectacular Dilshad Khan's Sarangi. Vijay Yesudas occasionally chips in and gives his fantastic support. This song takes me to another splendid song from the M Jayachandran and Shreay Goshal combo in Pranayam. Shreya Goshal's improvisations are delightful to listen.

Taufiq Qureshi enters the soundtrack with the delectable Ghazal Chand Hoga and the song once again features predominant usage of Sarangi and the lovely second interlude is a bliss to listen. Javed Ali's earnest singing makes this one an enjoyable one till it lasts. In Aadhi Raath, Taufiq employs some brilliant folk sounds especially the minimmal percussions sounds works like charm but sadly the same cannot be said about Roop's singing. However the backgrounds are adequately enjoyable despite the song is around seven minutes long. Javed Ali returns to the soundtrack with another fine Ghazal Umar Salon Sein and the ace singers leads like a pro with ultimate splendid support from the Sarangi.

Verdict: M Jayachandran and Taufiq Qureshi delivers pleasant and heavy soundtrack for the Kamala Surayya's biography.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Pranayamayi Radha, Neermathalapoo, Chand Hoga

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn

Music Review (Tamil): Iravukku Aayiram Kangal

Music Review (Tamil): Iravukku Aayiram Kangal
Music Composer: Sam CS

Uyir Uruvatha's impressive melody is backed by the folk-tinged tune and the fantastic hook makes this one easily the best song on the album. Sam CS adorned the beautiful tune with the lovely arrangements especially underplayed string sections in the background and the lovely interchange between Manoj's solo violin and Deric -Vikram's percussions. Sathyaprakash and Chinmayi give incredible support with their gorgeous vocals. In Yea Pa Yeppappa, Sam CS utilizes his voice in a peculiar manner and the build up around the mysterious tune works well with his gruff vocals. The song shifts it's tone into the dark rock and the brief classical bit by Swagatha S Krishna who is also musical supervisor for the album in the mid-way and the composer's brilliant arrangement work makes this one thrilling listen till the end of the song.

Manoj's solo violin is undeniable winner in an another penchant melody Yea penne Neeyum and the lovely folk twisted tune of Sam CS continues to be an enchanting one. Kishore's Sitar is another perpetual brilliant sound interspersed throughout the tune. Haricharan easily sails through the tune and the singer effortlessly croons the high pitch portions of the song.Sam CS ends the brilliant soundtrack with the two Instrumentals Nights of Neverland and Winds of the darkest hour. Composer churns out the former theme from the first interlude of Yea Pa Yeppappa and he tweaked the portion with the brilliant concoction of mysterious sounds. The theme is pulsating and effectual which reaches the racing high towards the end. The Winds of the darkest hour is also the racy theme brimming with the pulsating score but falls tad lower than the previous one. The theme track ends abruptly.

Verdict: Sam CS is on a roll and the composer churned out another stupendous album filled with lovely melodies and the score befitting the theme.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Uyir Uruvatha, Yea Penne Neeyum, Yea Pa Yeppappa.

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Music Album (Telugu): Gayatri

Music Album (Telugu): Gayatri
Music Composer: Thaman
Thaman got an impressive list of veteran singers to croon for his latest album Gayatri. The album opens up with celebratory Jai Hanuman and Shankar Mahadevan easily sails through the song with his energetic rendition. Though the tune and the arrangemnets are strictly perfunctory one, vocals make this one adequately listenable. Thaman surprises us with Thella Thella, the retro styled tune sung by an effectual Madhu Balakrishnan. The charanam portions turns much better tune wise and the hypnotic flute solos and the violin lift the song effortlessly. Thaman gives another delightful melody for Jubin Nautiyal after Telusa Telusaa in Sarrainodu. The composer once again excels in the arrangements with an engaging tabla base and ever dependable Shreya Goshal takes care of the rest as usual. Though Jubin's diction is irksome at places, the melody and Shreya makes this song worthy listen. Vekuvamma is typical 90's Deva material and the tune is outdated one while SPB steals the show with his evergreen vocals. Thaman aces in the sensual song Sarasamaha and Ramya Behara brings out the tone of the song successfully while the composer adorns the song with the gorgeous veena solos. Thaman ends the soundtrack with the retro theater styled tune Ravan Brahma. The aggressive and grand arrangements works to the favour of the song despite an effectual show by Mano in the vocals.

Verdict: Thaman continues his splendid form in 2018 with Gayatri and it's delightful to listen Thaman's album devoid of any autotuning gimmicks.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Thella Thella, Oka Nuvvu Okka Nenu, Sarasamaha

P.S  You can listen to the songs in Youtube.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Music Review (Hindi): Padmaavat

Music Review (Hindi): Padmaavat
Music Composer: Sanjay Leela Bhansali 

Ghoomar starts with roaring Swaroop Khan's Rajasthani verses and the composer packed the proceedings with an absolutely groovy folk music. Shreya Goshal aces the rendition as always and the chorus portions blend perfectly well with the tone of the song. The celebratory song culminates with the frolicking chorus. Sanjay Leela Bhansali does better in terms of tune in the next song of the album Ek dil Ek Jaan where the composer creates brilliant serene Quwwali. Shivam Pathak aces the song with his earnest rendition and Sarangi in the backgrounds serves as a perfect companion.  Khalibali starts on an ominous note but turns out to be a perfunctory number except for the sprightly rendition by Shivam Pathak and Shail Hada and some deft use of strings. Nainowale Na is more contemporary sounding track relative to the setting of the film. Neethi Mohan owns this song with her splendid vocals backed by graceful sitar notes. Manganiyar's and Langa's folk song Holi sticks to the serene traditional outlook while Richa Sharma easily outsmarts Shail Hada with her earnest rendition. Binte dil's middle eastern arrangements work like charm but the same cannot be said about Arijit's Singh's singing. The singer tries hard to blend with the tone but it kinda misfired.  

Verdict: Padmaavat falls far behind the composer's splendid Bajirao Mastani

My Rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Ghoomar, Nainowale Na, Ek Dil Ek Jaan

P.S You can listen to the songs in Youtube.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Music Review (Telugu): Tholi Prema

Music Review (Telugu): Tholi Prema
Music Composer: Thaman

Raghu Dixit is relegated to his usual type of tune in Break the rules and Srimani's absurd chemical elements incorporated lyrics aside, Thaman does wonders with respect to the stupendous usage of Veena and the wonderful semi classical digression in the halfway through the song. Thaman rocks with the gorgeous melody Ninnila sung to perfection by Bollywood singer Armaan Malik. Composer kept the arrangements light and breezy surprisingly without resorting to his glaring beats. Sunonana Sunaina has nothing new to offer apart from the brilliant horns usage and Rahul Nambiar's effective rendition. Allasani Vaari derives largely from the ever dependable Shreya Goshal's vocals and the buoyant rendition is made better by Thaman's arrangements along with Kamalakar's brilliant classically tinged flute solos. Armaan Malik croons another synth dominated melody Vinnane Vinnane and the track is adequately engaging despite the predictable outlook. Thaman ends the soundtrack with another Veena laden pathos and the composer did a neat job especially in the arrangements with the wonderful mixture of Veena, Violin and guitar. 

Verdict: After an impressive Sketch, Thaman's revamped music in 2018 sounds promising.

My Rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Ninnila, Allasani Vaari, Tholi Prema

P.S you can listen to the soundtrack in Saavn