Friday, January 30, 2015

Music Reveiw (Telugu): Temper

Music Reveiw (Telugu): Temper
Music Composer : Anoop Rubens

Choolenge Aasme, starts with lilting guitar strums works despite heard before feel and Adnan Sami along with Ramya Behra, Veena Ghantasala delivers their best. Percussions, strings and gibberish voices in the background adds latino feel to the song. Temper's title song is a usual percussion loaded mundane jarring song with bunch of singers Uma Neha, MLR Karthikeyan, Bharghavi Pillai and Simha. Devudaa adds another uninspiring tune to the soundtrack and vocals by Anoop Rubens and Puri Jagannadh is jaded while interludes being the only solace. One more time is the romantic song with engaging tune interspersed with classical touches in orchestration (especially lovable violin and thavil). Vocals by Ranjith and Lipsika too apt and flows along with violin in some places  however processing in Lipsika's voice could have been avoided. Another mass song in the album Ittage Rachipodham prodded by Geetha Madhuri's enthusiastic vocals is a passable listen.Theme song blends Bhaghavad Gita verses with EDM and sequencer music results in an average track.

Verdict: Anoop Ruben's Temper is a kind of mixed soundtrack backed by two lovable melodies.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Choolenge Aasme, One more time 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Music Review (Hindi) : Badlapur

Music Review (Hindi) : Badlapur
Music Composer : Sachin-Jigar

Jee Karda is a killer of the soundtrack and everything in the song is pitch perfect be it tune, spirited maniac rendition of Divya Kumar or frenzy guitar cum drums cum Shenai combination. Overall kickass song from Sachin Jigar. In another rock version of the song, Guitar comes to the fore dominating the vocals too and shenai is replaced by harmonium results in listenable track. Jeena Jeena is soothing melody in Atif Aslam voice aided well by minimal guitar strums, soften flute and other assorted sounds. Mellow quotient in original version is botched up heavily in remix version and better can be avoided. Soundtrack enrds with melancholic song Judaai in the vocals of ever reliable Arijit Singh and prolific Rekha Bharadwaj. Sarangi/Violin in the interludes accentuates the mood of the song still further.

Verdict: Sachin Jigar opens 2015 with short and highly listenable soundtrack. Thanks to addicting Jee Karda especially.

My rating:8/10

Pick of the Album: Jee Karda (both versions), Judaai, Jeena Jeena

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Music Review (Hindi) : Hawaizaada

Music Review (Hindi) : Hawaizaada
Music Composer: Rochak Ali, Ayushmann Khurrana, Mangesh Makhde, Vishal Baradwaj

    Hawaizaada dil has a relaxed laid back tune and Rochak Ali too complements well with the free flowing tune. Rochak mixes occasional whistling, mellow strings in the interludes along with parade type sounds with drums and trumpets in the background. Daak ticket is a serene folkish melody with soothing arrangements in the vocals of Mohit Chauhan and Javed Bashir. Rochak arranges with interesting tabla, flute throughout the track. Mohit is splendid with his vocals especially. Rochak Ali ends his compositions with Turram Khan quite unconventional track (quirky title hook) lead by Papon followed by melodic Ayushmann khurrana and Monali Thakur though transition is bumpy. Guitar portions are totally engaging and sing along.

     Mohit Chauhan once again excels in European styled song Maaza My lord composed by Mangesh Makhde however tune is bit jaded in some portions. Neeti Mohan renders the exciting part of the tune despite for short duration. Udd jayega rides mainly on energetic Sukhwinder Singh vocals and tune has deja vu feel associated with it. It's another version with its mild Qawwali inclusions (tabla and Harmonium) is considerably better than Udd jayega purely due to Wadali brothers and Harshdeep Kaur. Songs another short version gets much better by Harshdeep Kaur's soulful rendition.

   Another composer cum singer Ayushmann Khurrana delivers engaging melody Dil - e- Nadaan with slight ghazal touches especially santoor bits in the second interlude and he croons too in an effectual way. The reprise version has more western feel attached to it with Piano and other assorted sounds backed by Ayushmann and Shwetha Subram. Vishal bharadwaj ends the soundtrack in style with Dil Todne Ki Masheen, lively engaging folk tune mixed with techno sounds and impeccable singing by his better half Rekha Bharadwaj.

Verdict : With 4 composers and ten songs Hawaaizaada soundtrack is an eclectic mix  with each composer churned out brilliant set of songs.

My rating:8.25/10

Pick of the Album: Hawaizaada Dil, Dil todne ki Masheen, Dil - e- Nadaan, Daak ticket 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Music Review (Hindi) : Shamitabh

Music Review (Hindi) : Shamitabh
Music Composer: Ilayaraja

Ishq e filum, seems to be ode to cinema and orchestration is brilliant dominated by synth elements with lovely sax and Raja's touches in the interludes. Suraj Jagan is pitch perfect with his energetic vocals. Sha Sha Mi Mi which was played in the background in the trailer has Caralisa Manteiro in the vocals and she sounds magnificent  however tune is on the flip side except for interesting title hook. Nevertheless Raja manages to hook the listeners with amazing interludes especially brass section in the preludes and intriguing sounds throughout the songs. Watch out for the grand second interlude especially. 

Piddly Si Baatein, already became chartbuster has Amitabh Bachan in vocals and he sounds considerably better than Mere Paa from Paa. Ilayaraja's trademark touches with strings and occasional brass sections. Overall orchestration rides on familiar note. In Stereophonic Sannata, Raja remixes his yesteryear sensational hit song Aasaiya Kathula with complete change over in orchestration. Raja arranged the song with interesting beatboxing, and other assorted techno sounds. Sruthi Hassan excels in rendering the song with her own attitude. Remix in this song is totally different unlike other Balki- Raja remix works. In Thappad , Raja tries to traverse untrodden path by him, contemporary club party song and he gets everything right with techno sounds and wonderful guitar-violin combo in second interlude except for the tune which is not half interesting as sounds despite sincere rendition by Suraj Jagan. Next comes short track Lifebuoy with Suraj Jagan in vocals again and this time both tune and techno sounds gels well with short duration being the only grouse. 

Verdict: Balki- Ilayaraja combo works well in Shamitabh and Raja gave all original tracks unlike duo's previous ventures.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Ishq e filum, Stereophonic Sannata, Piddly Si Baatein

Monday, January 12, 2015

Music Review (Tamil) : Valiyavan

Music Review (Tamil) : Valiyavan
Music Composer : Imman

       Aahaa Kadhal Vandhu, has every elements in it for associating with Imman, be it quirky sounds (may be Kazooz), or violins and percussions. Ranjith delivers the catchy tune too in an enticing manner. Eyes on you, long instrumental theme with guitar by Kebab, though Mission Impossible tints are undeniable in an otherwise engaging theme track for an action thriller flick. Imman associate with Papon for the first time in Hello Hello and his inebriated rendition blends well with the theme of the track. Orchestration wise guitar strums throughout the song and dog's sounds stand apart. In kadhal Nallavana, Imman attempts to mix Jazzy arrangements with Snighda's rocky vocals and he succeeds partly in making this song interesting. In Oh Baby come with me too, Imman digressed from his routine track with M L R Karthikeyan in the vocals result in an listenable track especially interludes with Carnatic base are brilliant. Yelomia has an uninspiring tune despite earnest effort by Sunidhi Chauhan's dreamy vocals. Imman's latino touch in the instrumentals is laudable though.

My rating:7.5/10

Verdict: Imman's considerably fared better than his previous outing and digreesions from his usual trademark sounds too works.

Pick of the Album: Aahaa Kadhal Vandhu, Oh Baby come with me, Hello Hello

Music Review (Hindi): Baby

Music Review (Hindi): Baby
Music Composer : M M Keeravani and Meet Bros Anjjan

Meet Bros Anjjan of  Baby doll fame comes for Beparwah, another single composition for this soundtrack. Apeksha Dandekar's rendition along with alluring preludes and underplayed orchestration (Good that composer didn't go frenzy with guitars as one would expect) makes this an exciting listen. As usual like all the remix songs in Bollywood, Beparwah's Mba Swag version which heavily deteriorates the quality of the original song. M M Keeravani reserves the best song Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karta in the soundtrack similar to special 26. Papon's vocals along with captivating violin in the interludes accentuated by soothing tune. Songs another version by Ramya Behara, M M Keeravani's latest associate too fantastic listen and M M Keeravani's minimal guitar strums adds value to the song.

Verdict: Short and Sweet Soundtrack owned totally by M M Keeravani.

My Rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin karta (both versions), Beparwah

Monday, January 5, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Gopala Gopala

Music Review (Telugu): Gopala Gopala
Music Composer: Anoop Rubens

Bhaje Bhaje, festive song and orchestration too confined within those genre with heavy drums flowing along with the conventional tune. Though at beginning, Haricharan seems to struggle with high pitch but after the first prelude, he carries the song in his own way along with well employed chorus. Enduko, with its catchy folk tune and lyrics by chandrabose about the superstitions in hindu Mythology surpasses the tune. Kailesh Kher delivers the folk song very well and Anoop arrangements gels well with his voice results in an interesting song in the soundtrack. Needhe Needhe starts off with an intriguing note but towards the middle song turns too laborious listen despite fine effort from Sonu Nigam. Theme song is punchy with slight touch of Bhaje Bhaje song and beautiful flute interspersed throughout the song and Pawan Kalyan fans will surely go gaga when he arrives on screen.

Verdict: Anoop Rubens composed the songs which are situational based and strictly tandem with the theme of the film. Colourful picturisation may elevates the level of the songs.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Enduko Enduko, Bhaje Bhaje

Music Review (Malayalam) : Mariyam Mukku

Music Review (Malayalam) : Mariyam Mukku
Music Composer :Vidyasagar

Ee Kadalinu starts with lovely prelude and Vidyasagar bring together two yesteryear singers K J Yesudas and Sujatha for this pleasant melody. Orchestration especially strings and tune gives quite a Raja'sh feel along with wonderful drums throughout the song and Yesudas sounds younger than ever. Kavil has a brilliant European flavour attached to it dominated by clarinet and accordion while lead singers Kavalam Sreekumar and Najeem Arshad delivered with enough spirit ably supported by chorus. Swargam Thurannu, based on the waltz based theme at the background, Vidyasagar makes the cracker of a christmas choir song with lot of festive mood sounds created enjoyable aura with the help of chorus. Mekkarayil too starts like prayer song but songs turns into lovely fast beat tune delivered with enough enthusiasm by Ranjini jose and Jithin. Vidyasagar's catchy tune, beautiful strings and keys makes this song enjoyable ride especially fast tune portions.

Verdict: Vidyasagar maintains his top form in Malayalam as usual eagerly waiting for him to produce a cracking album in tamil too.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: All songs Nevertheless only 4.

Book Review : Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth

Book Review : Etymologicon
Author: Mark Forsyth    

        Two things I've ticked off from my wish list; One is my long time wish to read The Etymologicon: A Circular stroll through the hidden connections of the English language and the second one is updating my blog with other than music review.

       I came to know about Mark Forsyth through his Inky fool blog, such a thought provoking posts regarding origin of English language words which kindles interest makes me to read his Etymologicon. He astonishes with so many wonderful at the same time eccentric facts about the origin of words by digging deep into the history . One may misinterpret by title that book may be preachy and drab with just list of words and their origin. In contrast, Markk forsyth discuss about the origin of words with each description linked with the next word and that too he construed each word spiced with his sense of humour. Another beauty is that Forsyth started the book with origin of the phrase 'A Turn-up for the books' and ends with etymology of 'book'. In Appendix of the book, he added quite intriguing list of the meaning of cities, actor names, music artist etc. Overall compelling book and got totally fascinated by the amount of research work had been done behind this masterpiece work.

Few Snippets from the book:

1) How 'Moron' converted from medical term to scornful word.
2) What buck has to do with money?
3) Interesting story revolving around Edison and bug.
4) Relation between SPAM and Python.

And many more intriguing facts. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Music Review (Malayalam): Mili

Music Review (Malayalam): Mili
Music Composer: Gopi Sundar and Shaan Rahman 

       Minmini of Chinna Chinna Aasai fame returns to singing with Kanmaniye, beautiful alluring melody and Gopi Sundar too adorns the simple tune with Waltz styled strings mixed with drums and loved the veena portions interspersed in the song. Manjupeyume is another sweet melody in the vocals of  Najeem Arshad and Mridula warrior. Gopi Sundar kept the arrangements minimal to give the lead singer vocals and humming by female singer to take front stage. Title song comes in two version one with male version by composer itself and another by Pavithra Menon. The interludes are appealing more than the overall tune (especially first interlude which came as a background in the trailer makes me interested in this album itself) however composer utilizes mili hook throughout the song very well along with groovy guitar riffs. Gopi Sundar gave more punchy orchestration for female version and the lady pulls off the song in style which makes this song better than male version. Then enters the guest composer Shaan Rahman, whose composition usually works better and he carry off in Manpaatha also. Contrast to his usual style, Shaan goes frenzy with guitars and drums in this song results in the another well conceived track in album.

Verdict: Overall Gopi Sundar and Shaan Rahman delivers short and sweet lovable album

My rating:8/10

Pick of the Album: Kanmaniye, Title song, Manpaatha

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Music Review (Tamil):Yennai Arindhaal

Music Review (Tamil):Yennai Arindhaal
Music Composer : Harris Jayaraj       

       Idhayathai Edho ondru, thamarai's beautiful lyrics complemented well by simple tune by Harris and Chinmayi rocks with her soothing rendition.Piano's minimal use, sing along flute with Chinmayi and guitar towards the end accentuates the mood of the song well. Maya bazaar, is a superb fusion of energetic dubstep by Aalaap Raju followed by retro styled melody by Krishna Iyer and Priya Subramaniam, and another surprise is folky piece by Velmurugan preceded by Kalyana Samayal Sadham prelude using nadhaswaram. Songs end with once again retro styled melody with intriguing strings in the background. Specifically Priya Subramaniam rendition in the retro melody works than Krishna Iyer's.     
        Mazhai Vara Pogudhe, has a reliable Karthik behind the mic and usual Harris elements are all over the song with familiar tune, humming towards the end, rap portions by Emcee Jezz. However guitar played like Veena in the interludes and some synthesized music beats are interesting though. Idhayathai Edho ondru came in another version as Unakkena Venum sollu in Benny Dayal and Mahathi's vocals with slightly tweaked orchestration but the impact of the song remains intact. Thanks largely to the simple delightful tune and thana Thaananathara Namtham hook by Benny deserves special mention. Yaen Ennai has two singers Sunitha Sarathy and Kharesma ravichandran on board with their contrived rendition irks at certain places. However Harris mitigates those meagre mistakes with his catchy tune and interludes expecially sax in the second interlude. Title song by Devan Ekambaran, Mark Thomas and Abhishek is an usual dubstep EDM number with nothing special and tune also seems to be bit of drag despite the energetic rendition by lead singers. Adhaaru Adhaaru, already released as a single is the song without any Gautham Menon touch and tune wise is similar to many other songs in this genre. Only solace being the lead vocals and nadhaswaram mix in the interludes.

Verdict: Gautham Vasudev Menon brings back Harris Jayaraj out of his own derivative albums and extracted some good songs however duo's magic is missing.

My rating:8/10

Pick of the Album: Idhayathai Edho ondru, Unakkena Venum sollu, Maya bazaar