Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Rangoon

Music Review (Tamil): Rangoon
Music Composer: RH Vikram and Vishal Chandrasekhar

Yaatreega's world music elements accompanied by the haunting melody crooned with finesse by Navin Iyer while the uncredited female vocal pieces are scintillating gelgels well with the tone of the son. Amalraj's brilliant usage of Oud, Saz and Burmese Harp being the undeniable highlight which makes this one delectable music experience while late Na Muthukumar shines with his lyrics. Maria Kavitha Thomas's fangled rendition of typical pop styled tune of Enai Maraikirene aside, the real awesomeness is in the arrangements led by Martin Visser's Baritone Sax and Shyam Benjamin's serene prelude piano keys accentuate the groove of the song very well.

Foreign Return is another mass kuthu number crooned by Anirudh Ravichander and he sails through the song effortlessly. Despite the staid Kuthu portions, the remaining elements incorporated by RH Vikram are alluring from the brilliant usage of Manoj Kumar's Kazoo in the prelude to traditional vocals by Anthony Dasan and Ritu. One wishes that Kuthu portions could have been done better. Vishal Chandrasekhar's displayed his prowess in full throttle with Nee Illa Aagayam where Yazin Nizar steals the show with his dynamic vocal range and the way singer ends the song is the splendid one. Kraven's sharp acoustic blues guitar strums add another haunting tone to the song and the interludes make this one compelling listen.It's a delight to listen to Yazin Nizar's high-pitched portions and the humming towards the end is top notch from the singer Vishal Chandrasekhar strikes a chord with the alternative rock number Ey Jajabor in Assamese language written and crooned by Kraven Stratfile and the song is adequately infectious with the Kraven's guitar work stands out.Thottil Madiyil rides mainly on the mellifluous vocals of Chinmayi and the minimal arrangement song by RH Vikram works despite being less than 2 minutes.

Verdict: Rangoon's highly experimental tracks by debutant RH Vikram and Vishal Chandrasekhar is sure to stay in the playlist of music lovers who love to listen to the sounds hugely deviant of normal Tamil albums.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Nee Illa Aagayam, Yaathreega,  Ey Jajabor


Monday, May 22, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Rarandoi Vedukka Chuddam

Music Review (Telugu): Rarandoi Vedukka Chuddam
Music Composer: Devisri Prasad

The title song starts up with the celebratory Balesh's Shenai and the tune is adequately ear friendly with the pleasant arrangements while Ranjith and Gopika ably support the tune till it lasts. Ramajoggaya Sastry's nails the lyrics and the verses gels well with the DSP's amiable tune.Nee Vente Nenunte is the typical DSP tune and the tried and tested rhythm didn't add much value to the song. However, the staid tune is improvised by engaging arrangements highlighted by Nathan's Sax and flute sections accompanied by DSP's acoustic guitar. Srimani's lyrics sounds apt for the composer's languishing tune. Shwetha Mohan's vocals give much impetus to an otherwise average tune.

Brahmaramba also suffers from the DSP's stock tune and the tune gets tiresome in the prelude itself despite Sagar's high-octane singing while the lyrics also fails to make this one an engaging one. The only solace in an otherwise tepid song is Balaji's solo violin.Break up is an another mediocre song where an impressive credit list of musicians is wasted in the lifeless tune which is backed only by the mass template of the song. Bhaskara Bhatla's colloquial lyrics is also unable to salvage this Simha and Dhanunjay's show.The song of the soundtrack comes in the form of Thakita Thakajam and the song is adequately pleasant with an engaging Tabla base accompanied by stupendous affecting usage of violin and Keba Jeremiah's impressive guitar work. Javed Ali gives life to the engaging tune and it's a great respite to listen to this song after the string of mediocre songs in the soundtrack. However, the rock versions fares lower when compared to the original version despite the brilliant effort from Keba Jeremiah.

Verdict: DSP sticks to his comfort zone in Rarandoi Vedukka Chuddam and couple of songs works in an otherwise largely an average soundtrack from the composer.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Thakita Thakajam, Title Song.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Keshava

Music Review (Telugu): Keshava
Music Composer: Sunny MR

Telusa Neeku Bahusa rides mainly on the husky sensual vocals of Shalmali Kholgade complimenting the Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics. However, as a composer sunny MR aces in delivering groovy synth dominated arrangements and the title hook is adequately catchy enough especially in lead singer's vocals. Yedisthe Rareveru is Sunny MR's territory and his regular Arijit Singh behind the mic delivers the fine job while the background is dominated by Roland's Electric guitar and wonderful bass line by the composer itself. Though not an exquisite track, the song clasps the listener till it ends.

Po Poradi is another high-octane song filled with modular synths and haunting bass line by Sunny MR and tune is less captivating one. The song may gel well with the visuals but not as a standalone track. Arijit Singh is adequate in crooning this grungy track. Sunny MR adds punch to the energetic traditional Kaala Bhairava Ashtakam with Roland Fernandes Electric guitar while the string of singers led by Harshika Gudi did a fine job behind the mic and kept the mood afloat till the end of this 3-minute song. However Kaala Bhairava's recreated version works as a whole package with interesting arrangments. The soundscape created with absolutely enthralling 60's jazz accompanied by James Bond'ish sounds adds much charm to the traditional melody.

Verdict: Sunny MR continues to churn out his unique sounds for Telugu and still his Swamy Ra Ra with Sudheer Varma is the best from the composer.

My Rating: 3/5

Pick of the Album: Telusa Neeku Bahusa, Kaala Bhairava Ashtakam (Re-created), Yedisthe

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Brindavanam

Music Review (Tamil): Brindavanam
Music Composer: Vishal Chandrasekar

Shoobi Doobi Dooba sticks to the tried and tested Jazzy tune while Sharanya Gopinath handles the tune with aplomb attitude except for the mangled pronunciation of Pazhagi. Karky's lyrics provoke enough enthusiasm to keep the song afloat while the kickass show stealer of the song is undeniable Kraven's Electric guitar work.Yaar's Ilayaraja'esque tune evokes delightful memories and S P Balasubramaniyam's vocals infuse life to the tune while Vishal Chandrasekhar brilliantly employed the Chandrajith's Tabla and Punya's Veena layer over the pleasant tune. Raghvasimhan's strings come off as parallel vocals in the background. Overall enjoyable laid back relaxing tune from Vishal.

Giji Giji Saare's Goan'esque sound is the only song which is easily relatable to Vidyasagar while Vishal adorned the tune with the brilliant arrangements dominated by Krishna Kishor's live percussions. However brief Carnatic tinged cues in the interludes being the undeniable highlight of the track. Nikhil Mathew and composer's better half Sinduri Vishal handles the lively tune very well.

Verdict: Vishal delivered confidently the never before heard sounds in Radha Mohan films for Brindavanam, However missing the timeless melodies by Vidyasagar for Radha Mohan movies.

My Rating: 7.75/10

Pick of the Album: Yaar, Giji Giji Saare

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Server Sundaram

Music  Review (Tamil): Server Sundaram
Music Composer: Santosh Narayanan

Bro's ear friendly techno sounds in the background backed by Tapas Naresh's drums being the amiable element in the soundtrack whereas the tune by Santosh Narayanan is as passable as his vocals. Lyrics by Viveka is adequately listenable enough and flows with the tune serving the purpose aptly nevertheless nothing extraordinary element in the song.Nirkaadhey's prelude has the shades of Santosh Narayanan's close associate Pradeep Kumar's indie album Poorva whereas what follows is an interesting attempt at the fusion of classical elements and trademark Santosh Narayanan sounds. The undeniable highlight being the Anantha Narayanan's classical violin in the second interlude and Naveen's bass line. Ananthu, Vijay Narain and Santosh Narayanan aces the Vivek's optimistic lyrics and makes this song enjoyable one till it lasts.

Though as a standalone tune Kannal Modhadhey appears as plain one, Sid Sriram's improvisations along with the blues touch in the tune make the listeners to totally buy the song. Babu steals the show from Sid Sriram in the interludes with his splendid trumpet while Naveen's synth bass blends beautifully throughout the song.Gama Gama Samayal is highly rooted to the nativity both in terms of lyrics and 4 Idiots percussion, however, the tune is hardly an interesting one. Anthony Daasan's monotonous vocals and Santosh Narayanan's vocals didn't help the song much either which makes this one least interesting song in the album.The song of the soundtrack is indubitably Unavey Marundhu and the classical fusion attempt with the renowned carnatic vocalists Ranjani Gayatri works like charm. The arrangements are top notch and the haunting nylon guitar strums by Keba Jeremiah along with the Ganapthy's Mridangam makes this one blissful experience while Vivek's lyrics deserves the special mention amidst the sonic brilliance in the arrangements front.

Verdict: Santosh Narayanan opens his 2017 account with the unexpected brilliant two fusion songs in Server Sundaram.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Unavey Marundhu, Nirkaadhey, Kannal Modhadhey